The primary objective of the IMAGeSPIN platform is to share this state-of-the-art spectroscopy and magnetic imaging equipment not only between the various project partners but also to open it up to the Ile-de-France laboratories of the communities concerned.

In practice, each of the project’s partner laboratories is responsible for the development, installation and maintenance of one of the four advanced characterization techniques described above: M-NV at UMPhy, BLS-k at LPS, µ-BLS at C2N, M-NV at UMPhy and M-SHG at SPEC.

Some collaborations have been already established that resulted in some publications acknowledging the support of IMAGeSPIN. In practice, note however that the difficulty of use and accessibility is not equivalent for the four equipments.
The BLS-k is accessible for external users after a training session under the supervision of A. Thiaville from LPS. For the µ-BLS device, which is more complex to operate, the option chosen is that three researchers involved in the project (J.P. Adam from C2N, A. Anane from UMPhy and A. Thiaville from LPS) will be in charge of the the equipment with the responsibility of the punctual measurements. The access to the M-NV characterizations is managed by K. Bouzehouane and V. Cros in charge of the equipment at UMPhy, while J.Y. Chauleau and M. Viret are responsible for the access to the M-SHG at SPEC.

For any request for measurements, please contact the project coordinator: Vincent Cros (UMPhy). Your proposal will be evaluated by the IMAGeSPIN scientific committee in order to organize the access to the instruments.