k-resolved Brillouin spectroscopy station

Main steps of the experiment set-up

end of November 2018
mid-December 2018

installation of the spectrometer
installation of the optics and the sample environment

first semester of 2019

handling of the manipulator, tests on various samples

second half of 2019

first measurement campaigns; installation of the second permanent magnet, with variable field

second half of 2020

installation of the electromagnet (Power supply Caylar company)

first half of 2021

installation of the 473 nm line dedicated to garnets

second semester 2021

installation of the new polar parts for the electromagnet giving a field of 2.2 T (Caylar), adaptation of the optics

Picture of the k-BLS set-up installed at LPS (december 2020)

Main measurements done

second half of 2019

first campaign of systematic measurements with W. Legrand (UMPhy CNRS/Thales PhD student) on Pt\ Co 1.7\ Ru variable\Pt and Pt\ Co1.7\ Pt variable\ Au5 samples (publication 2); second campaign with E. Haltz and S. Krishnia (LPS PhD student and post-doc) on GdFeCo samples (publications 1 and 3)

first semester 2020 (including 70 days of downtime during the first confinement)

systematic measurements on NiFe (M1 Odysseas Williams internship) ; measurements on CoFeB\X films (B. Singh, visitor from India, CEFIPRA contract)

second semester 2020

measurements on garnet films (thesis D. Gouéré UMPhy CNRS/Thales) ; measurements on Pt\ Co \X films (post-doc F. Ajejas UMPhy)

first semester 2021

systematic measurements on garnet films (J. Ben Youssef Brest, D. Gouéré PhD UMPhy CNRS/Thales)

second semester 2021

measurements on Pt\ Co \X films (postdoc F. Ajejas UMPhy CNRS/Thales, publication 4) ; continuation of the measurements on garnets (S. Husain postdoc UMPhy CNRS/Thales, publication submitted) ; beginning of the measurements on Co\h-BN (post doc B. Kerdi)

first semester 2022

measurements on CoFeB films (J. van der Jagt, PhD student Spin Ion Technologies at C2N, publication 5 accepted) ; measurements on Co\h-BN (postdoc B. Kerdi, publication in preparation)

Quantitative assessment for the years 2019 to 2021: 602 days of use: settings 4%, LPS use 33%, Paris-Saclay use excluding LPS 42%, France use excluding Paris-Saclay 15%, international use 6%.


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